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Custom Peptide Synthesis

Manual solid phase custom peptide synthesis reaction vessels

Custom Peptides


CPC Scientific is one of the premier custom peptide producers in the world and we are proud to offer consistently reliable, high quality peptides directly to researches. Although CPC offers thousands of ready-to-ship catalog peptides, many of our orders require custom synthesis.With expertise in both peptide manufacturing and small molecule synthesis, CPC offers a wide range of custom modifications (see below). We are experts at synthesizing complex sequences and we specialize in sequences involving hydrocarbon-staples, multiple disulfide bridges, FRET substrates, PEGylation, and more. We will prepare your peptide to your exact specifications in milligram to hundreds of kilogram quantities.
Please click here to submit a custom peptide quotation request. You will receive a quote within 24 hours. We offer high quality custom peptides with above average delivery times (unmodified peptides in about 2-3 weeks) at affordable prices. Throughout the manufacturing process, you will be updated if we forsee any changes to your delivery time so that you can plan your research accordingly. There is a simple, 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders.

Custom Peptide Quotation 

Modification Types

  • Hydrocarbon-Stapled
  • N- & C-Terminal Modifications
  • FRET Substrates
  • Glycosylation
  • Cell-Penetrating Peptides
  • Chelating Conjugates
  • Isotope-Labeled
  • Dye-Labeled
  • Lipopeptides
  • Multiple Antigenic Peptide
  • PEGylation
  • Phosphorylation
  • Sulfation
  • Rhodamine 110 Labeled
  • Peptides for Click Chemistry
  • Peptide Libraries
  • Backbone Modifications
  • Unnatural Amino Acids
  • Peptidomimetics
  • Methylation
  • Depsipeptides
  • Selenocysteine
  • Hydrophobic Sequences


Structure Example



Stable isotope-labeled peptides including 13C, 15N, O18, and Deuterium

  Stable Isotope-Labeled (SIL) Peptides

  • D-, 13C-, 15N-, or 18O-labeling capabilities


 Biotin N-terminal peptide modification for assays with streptavidin

Peptides with N-Terminal Modifications

  • Biotin, palmitoyl, PEG, dansyl, rhodamine, MCA, DNP, TAMRA, acetyl


 CPC Scientific offers a wide range of C-terminal modifications

Peptides with C-Terminal Modifications

  • Aldehyde, chloromethyl ketone, alkyl amide, alcohol, hydrazide, thioester, para-nitroaniline
EDANS groups are a company modification to make FRET substrates 

FRET & TR FRET Substrate Peptides

  • Mca/Dnp, EDANS/Dabcyl, 5-FAM/CPQ2, CP488/CPQ2 or other quencher
  • 5-TAMRA/QSY7, Cy5/QSY21
  • Eu(III) chelate/QSY-7 (Ex/Em=340nm/613nm) for TR-FRET.


glycosylation of peptides is an example of a post-translational modification 

Glycopeptides and Glycated Peptides

  • O-linked and N-linked glycopeptides
  • alpha-, beta-Glc and beta-N-acetylgalactosamine (GalNAc)
  • Glucose: Ser(beta-D-GlcNAc), Thr(beta-D-GlcNAc, Asn(beta-D-GlcNAc), etc.
  • Galactose: Ser(alpha-D-GalNAc) and Thr(alpha-D-GalNAc) (Tn Antigens)
  • Ser(Gal-beta(1-3)GalNAc) and Thr (Gal-beta(1-3)GalNAc) (TF Antigens)
  • Mannose: Ser(alpha-D-ManNAc), Thr(alpha-D-ManNAc, Ser(alpha-D-Man), Thr(alpha-D-Man)
Positive charges help peptides penetrate cell membranes 

Cell-Penetrating Peptides

  • TAT (transactivated-transcription) derivatives, penetratin, and transportan
  • Beta- and gamma-amino acids


 Conjugation of DOTA groups to peptides to chelate metal ions

Chelating Peptides

  • DOTA (1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane-N,N,N,N-tetraacetic acid)
  • NOTA (1,4,7-triazacyclononane-N,N,N-triacetic acid)
  • TETA (1,4,8,11-tetraazacyclotetradecane-1,4,8,11-tetraacetic acid)
  • DTPA (diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid)
  • IDA (Iminodiacetic acid)
RGD cyclic peptide for cancer research 

Cyclic Peptides

  • Cys-Cys, Pen-Cys, and Pen-Pen cyclizations
  • Amide bond cyclizations
  • Head-to-tail, sidechain-to-sidechain, head-to-sidechain, sidechain-to-tail
  • Backbone-to-backbone, sidechain-to-backbone, backbone-to-sidechain, head-to-backbone, backbone-to-tail
 farnesyl-labeled peptides

Farnesyl & Geranyl

Hydroocarbon staples can stabilize helical structures in peptides

Hydrocarbon-Stapled Peptides

  • i, i+3; i, i+4; and i, i+7
  • Double staple and Stitched staple peptides
lipid-peptide conjugates can help peptides anchor into cell membranes 


  • NH-, S- and O-palmytoyl, myristyl, octanoyl, and stearyl

Main Chain Modified Peptides

  • N-Methylation, ester bond & reduced amide bond (CH2 NH)
 Branched peptides can increase pepitde immunogenicity


  • Multiple Antigenic Peptide System
  • 2-branch, 4-branch, and 8-branch available
  • Custom branching motifs

Multiple Disulfide Bond Peptides

  • Peptide toxins (Apamin, Charybdotoxin, Chlorotoxin, omega-Conotoxins)
  • Defensins (alpha-Defensin 6, beta-Defensin-1-4, Defensin HNP-1 and HNP-2
  • Agouti-related Protein (AGRP) (87-132)
  • Custom cyclization motifs


 pegylation of peptides can increase solubility and bioavailability

PEGylated Peptides

  • PEG spacers and PEG carriers
  • Mini-PEG1 (8-Amino-3,6-dioxaoctanoic acid)
  • Mini-PEG2 (12-amino-4,7,10-trioxadodecanoic acid)
  • Mini-PEG3 (15-amino-4,7,10,13-tetraoxapenta-decanoic acid)
  • Custom PEG moieties

Peptides for Click Chemistry Work

  • Peptide conjugation (dyes, PEG, radioligands, chelating molecules), cyclization, dimerization.
  • Ready-to-Click peptides
  • Copper-free click chemistry available

Dye-Labeled Peptides

  • Cy3 and Cy5 equivalent, Dabcyl, 5-FAM, 5-TAMRA, Edans, FITC, AMC, AFC, pNA, Uniblue A, Alexa Fluor, Tide Fluor and quencher




Peptide Libraries

  • PEPscreen® custom peptide libraries
  • Purified and unpurified
  • Alanine scanning, truncation, random, and positional scanning libraries




  • Custom peptide-aminoluciferin substrates




  • Phosphoserine, phosphothreonine, and phosphotyrosine
  • Phosphotyrosine mimic Pmp (phosphonomethylene phenylalanine)
  • Multiple sites

Rhodamine 110 Peptides

  • Minimal autofluorescence interference
  • Enzyme substrates, caspases, and custom sequences



Sulfated Peptides

  • Tyrosine [Tyr(SO3H)], serine [Ser(SO3H)] and threonine [Thr(SO3H)] O-sulfation
  • Experts in handling unstable sulfated peptides