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Terms and Conditions of Sale

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  1. Credit Terms: Net 30 days, FCA Sunnyvale, CA after approval of credit. The first order from a new account requires credit approvalor pre-payment. Please reference this quotation when placing an order. All orders must include a purchase order number or a valid credit card number. CPC reserves the right to charge 1.5% on past due accounts. A 4% surcharge from the bank will be added to the cost of customer for credit card orders over $3,000.
  2. Orders with Multiple Peptides: For orders with more than one peptide, all the completed peptides will be shipped together prior to the scheduled completion date. Any remaining peptides will be shipped as they are completed to avoid delays to the researcher. If you elect to have all the peptides held until the order is completed and then shipped together, CPC Scientific must be notified at the time the order is placed. Every effort will be made to complete all orders on schedule.
  3. Held Shipments: Please be advised that customers requesting that peptides be held until the completed order can be shipped in one shipment will be invoiced for each peptide as it is completed. Normal 30 day payment terms will apply.
  4. Shipping Conditions: Unless specified in the purchase order, most lyophilized compounds will ship at room temperature. Liquid conjugations or products that should be maintained at 4 degrees Celsius will typically ship on ice packs. Material that must remain frozen during shipment (i.e. antibody serum, etc.) will ship on dry-ice. If special shipping instructions are required for a particular order, please advise CPC Scientific of the specific shipping instructions at the time of the quote request. Suggested peptide storage information is available upon request from the customer.
  5. Partial Shipments: In rare situations, the first synthesis and purification of a peptide may not yield the full quantity or desired purity. To help minimize research delays, CPC Scientific’s policy is to provide a partial shipment with the remaining peptide balance to follow as soon as possible. If more than one shipment is required to complete the order, only one shipping and handling charge will be invoiced. If you require that the order be held until it is complete, please notify CPC Scientific at the time the order is placed.
  6. Cancellation Policy: Peptide synthesis is normally started the same day the order is placed with CPC Scientific. A cancellation fee will apply to all peptides cancelled after synthesis has been initiated. The cancellation fee will depend upon the particular peptide sequence and the portion of the project that has been completed prior to the cancellation. The minimum cancellation fee for a peptide in production will be $150.00.
  7. Peptide Status: The peptides supplied by CPC Scientific under this proposal will be shipped as non-sterile lyophilized bulk peptides and labeled as "NOT FOR USE IN HUMANS."
  8. Warranties: CPC Scientific warrants that the peptides meet the product specifications requested by the customer as stated in this quotation and as determined by the analytical methods described in the product specification section of this quote.
  9. Limited Liability: CPC Scientific makes no warrantees direct or implied about the suitability of our peptides for any intended use by the customer. CPC Scientific is not liable for any incidental, consequential or contingent damages arising from the use of the product.
  10. Insurance: Peptides are shipped without insurance unless the customers purchase order has requested that the shipment be insured. When requested, insurance will be invoiced at the standard insurance rate by our shipper plus 5% for processing.
  11. Peptide Purity: All peptides are checked by MS and HPLC. Peptide purity will meet or exceed customer specifications. The actual peptide purity will be stated in the Certificate of Analysis presented with each individual peptide. There is no guarantee of any peptide purity level on non HPLC purified peptides (crude peptides) as the purity of these peptides is sequence dependent and varies from sequence to sequence.
  12. Peptide Content: Peptides are produced as TFA salt unless either the customer specifies another salt form, or another salt form is needed for more efficient production. If not specified otherwise, N-terminal is free amine and C-terminal is free acid.
  13. General: Peptides are produced as TFA salt unless either the customer specifies another salt form, or another salt form is needed for more efficient production. If not specified otherwise, N-terminal is free amine and C-terminal is free acid.
  14. California Sales Tax: All orders shipped within the state of California will be charged sales tax unless the customer provides CPC Scientific a certificate of exemption.



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