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Advanced Peptide Quotation

Welcome to CPC Scientific's advanced custom peptide quotation request form. We will provide you with a quotation within 24 hours.

We designed the advanced form to accommodate most types of modifications. For multiple sequences, you may find it easier to use our Batch Quotation Request Form

Please note: RUSH Service is available for most peptides with the exception of certain modifications and specifications. Typically, peptides can be manufactured within 2 weeks after a rush service has been requested.


Naturally Occurring (20) Amino Acids
(A) Ala Alanine (G) Gly Glycine (M) Met Methionine (S) Ser Serine
(C) Cys Cysteine (H) His Histidine (N) Asn Asparagine (T) Thr Threonine
(D) Asp Aspartic Acid (I) Ile Isoleucine (P) Pro Proline (V) Val Valine
(E) Glu Glutamic Acid (K) Lys Lysine (Q) Gln Glutamine (W) Trp Trptophan
(F) Phe Phenylalanine (L) Leu Leucine (R) Arg Arginine (Y) Tyr Tyrosine
*Note: D-amino acids can be denoted by D- followed by the three letter code (e.g. D-Ala) or lower case one letter code.
Unnatural Amino Acids
Abu 2-Aminobutyric Acid 
Nle Norleucine
Nva Norvaline
Orn Ornithine
Pen Penicillamine
Pyr Pyroglutamic Acid
Side Chain Modifications
Cys Cys(Acm)
Glu Glu(EDANS)
Lys Lys(FAM), Lys(Biotin)
Met Met(O), Met(O2)
Ser Ser(PO4H2)
Tyr Tyr(SO3H)