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GMP Manufacturing Capabilities

CPC has an extensive portfolio of manufacturing equipment installed and qualified to produce CGMP-grade peptides in every stage.


  • Large solid- and solution-phase peptide synthesis reactors (up to 500 L)
  • Hybrid synthesis reactor


  • Preparative HPLC systems with multiple flow rates
  • Chromatography columns with various inner diameters (up to 18 in)
  • Fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) systems


  • Blenders and evaporators
  • Manifold lyophilizers
  • Tray lyophilizers


CPC has expanded our manufacturing facility to better support your CGMP needs.

  • 750,000 sq ft currently in operation
  • 160,000 sq ft expansion in build out
  • GMP batch sizes from gram scale to multi-kilogram scale (20kg/batch)
  • Qualified air and water systems
  • IQ, OQ, PQ qualified equipment
  • Class 100K and 10K clean rooms

Purification Suite

GMP Peptide Analytical Equipment

Figure. Reverse-phase chromatography with a 12-inch column inside a CPC Scientific purification suite.