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Coauthored Publications from CPC Scientific

Coauthored publication

Identification of a novel BODIPY minihepcidin tool for the high content analysis of Ferroportin (SLC40A1) pharmacology

Sarah. E. Skerratt, Sian Humphreys, Rita Ferreira, Csilla Jorgensen, Joe Warmus, Lei Zhao, Xiaohe Tong and Sarah A. Nickolls. MedChemComm 7.8 (2016): 1564-1571.Learn More »

Coauthored publication

Synthesis, antiviral activity and resistance of a novel small molecule HIV-1 entry inhibitor

Francesca Curreli, Kashfia Haque, Lihua Xie, Qian Qiu, Jinfeng Xu, Weizhong Yong, Xiaohe Tong, Asim K. Debnath. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 23.24 (2015): 7618-7628.Learn More »

Coauthored publication

Design and structure of stapled peptides binding to estrogen receptors

Chris Phillips, Lee R. Roberts, Markus Schade, Richard Bazin, Andrew Bent, Nichola L. Davies, Rob Moore, Andrew D. Pannifer,..David G. Brown, Bin Xu, and Stephen L. Irving. Journal of the American Chemical Society 133.25 (2011): 9696-9699.Learn More »


Coauthored publication

Dual-acting stapled peptides target both HIV-1 entry and assembly.

Hongtao Zhang, Francesca Curreli, Abdul A Waheed, Peter Y Mercredi, Mansi Mehta, Pallavi Bhargava, Daniel Scacalossi, Xiaohe Tong, Shawn Lee, Alan Cooper, Michael F Summers, Eric O Freed, Asim K Debnath. Retrovirology 10, no. 1 (2013): 136.Learn More »

Coauthored publication

Flexible antibodies with nonprotein hinges.

Capon, D.J., Kaneko, N., Yoshimori, T., Shimada, T., Wurm, F.M., Hwang, P.K., Tong, X., Adams, S.A., Simmons, G., Sato, T.A. and Tanaka, K. Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series B 87, no. 9 (2011): 603-616.Learn More »