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     The 5th CPC Symposium on Peptide Therapeutics  

 OCTOBER 11-13 2017 HANGZHOU   

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Welcome to The 5th CPC Symposium on Peptide Therapeutics! 

Started in 2010, the CPC symposium has now become an annual scientific meeting that brings together scientific leaders in peptide-based therapeutics from biopharmaceutical industries and academia. This year, “The 5th CPC Symposium on Peptide Therapeutics” will continue the tradition of the successful conferences from previous years. The meeting will offer a forum for scientific discussions of recent developments in the exciting field of peptide therapeutics and featured lectures on a broad range of topics including new technologies, drug discovery, CMC, and clinical developments in the field.

For small molecule drugs and biologics, regulations for products and their impurities are clearly articulated in guidance from the International Conference of Harmonization (ICH) or regulatory agencies. The lack of guidance specific to therapeutic peptides presents challenges for industries to develop these products. This year we will continue to invite opinion leaders to share their views on how to address the challenges from regulatory, quality, and the standards for therapeutic peptides.

Drawing from the success of previous years, there will be special panels covering topics including regulatory affairs and qualities. The panel will feature discussions from FDA, CFDA and USP experts on evolving regulatory environments in the pharmaceutical industry.


Discover the Beauty of Hangzhou City



Peptide workshop meeting on peptide therapeutics and standardsHangzhou is renowned for its rich culture, historic relics, and natural beauty. It is known as one of the most scenic cities in China. In September last year, Hangzhou was proud to host “The 2016 G20 Summit” adding a new chapter to its legacy. October, when cool, clear autumn days converge with our rich heritage, is one of the best times to visit this beautiful city. We look forward to welcoming you in Hangzhou!    For more queries, please contact:

Adele Jiang / Speaker Reception TEL: +85 18523550651 Email: adele.jiang@chinesepeptide.com