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Scientific Program

We continue to invite opinion leaders to share their views on how to address the challenges from regulatory, quality, and the standards for therapeutic peptides. Drawing from the success of previous years, there will be special panels covering topics including regulatory affairs and qualities. The panel will feature discussions from FDA, CFDA and USP experts on evolving regulatory environments in the pharmaceutical industry.

This year we are excited to organize a special session on peptide formulation, delivery systems, and drug product development. A panel of leading formulation experts and thought leaders will discuss the strategy and cutting-edge technologies to help successfully develop peptide-based therapies.

Program Section Overview

  • Overview and perspectives of peptide therapeutics
  • Peptide-based drug discovery and new technologies
  • Manufacturing and analytical development for peptide therapeutics
  • Peptide-based therapeutics in clinical development
  • Regulatory discussion panel: therapeutic peptides – regulations, standards and quality
  • Investment discussion panel: investment dynamics in the biopharmaceutical industry
  • Special session on peptide formulation, drug delivery, and drug product development
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